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Hello, my name is Alex Villalba. I am a 3D Artist based in Southern California. I graduated from the Arts Institute of Orange County in 2013, and have been in the 3D industry for over 10 years. I have had the privilege to have worked in prestigious arch viz and game development companies over the years. 

My passion for 3D, art and technology is what drives me to create compelling work for my clients. With diverse experience across multiple companies, I've developed a robust set of skills, tools, and strategies to effectively meet clients' goals.

I hope my various skillsets bring a creative style of work and approach to each project. But, most importantly, my main goal is to ensure that your vision and design is represented accurately as possible in a timely manner. I am always looking for work that is challenging and fun, with lots of room for growth. And potentially, developing a relationship that will make us long time partners. 

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